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yes2dev: Your mobile development Partner
Don't let your competitors get ahead and let us help you create a mobile version of your website or an application for iPhone (iOS) or smartphone (Android).

Why choose yes2dev as your service provider?
Our agency specializes in mobile app development and understands the importance of this technology and the evolution of mobile marketing. The qualified professionals at yes2dev specialize in creating customized native and hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Our goal is to provide you with a smooth and superior user experience, tailored to your needs. What sets yes2dev apart is our commitment to designing mobile applications that are not only functional and innovative, but also aesthetically pleasing, well thought out, and ergonomic.

The benefits of mobile development: diving into "mobility"

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Do you have multiple products to showcase?

  • The mobile application seamlessly extends the functionalities of your website through responsive design.
  • It will also provide better hardware support for smartphones.
  • It will enable access to more advanced features such as background listening, video management, etc.

Offrez une disponibilité multiplateforme à votre application mobile

Votre application est désormais disponible sur diverses boutiques en ligne, y compris l'App Store, le Windows Store et Google Play, ce qui lui assure une visibilité étendue.

Afin de réduire la dépendance exclusive à la plateforme iPhone et d'atteindre une audience plus diversifiée, il est devenu essentiel de proposer des applications multiplateformes. Nous avons la capacité d'étendre votre application vers iOS (iPhone et iPad), Android, et même Windows Phone, garantissant ainsi une présence optimale sur toutes les principales plateformes mobiles.

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Your mobile app can be found on various online stores, including App Store, Windows Store, and Google Play.

In order to diminish the reliance solely on the iPhone platform, it has become essential to provide multiplatform applications. We have the capability to extend your application to iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, and even Windows Phone.

Discover Cross-Platform Frameworks in mobile development

We previously highlighted the challenges associated with developing mobile applications requiring multiple versions for different platforms such as Android and iOS. However, thanks to cross-platform frameworks, an innovative solution emerges, enabling the creation of a single application that can seamlessly operate across all platforms, thereby simplifying the development process and ensuring maximum reach.

Flutter est un framework de développement open source, développé par Google, qui utilise le langage Dart (également développé par Google). Flutter est plutôt performant (un peu moins rapide qu’une application mobile native), et sa conception permet même d’accéder aux fonctionnalités natives d’un appareil, via une passerelle (bridge ou channel). Flutter n’est pas uniquement dédié aux appareils mobiles, car les équipes de Google travaillent actuellement sur des versions pour Desktop, Windows, Mac OSX et Linux.

Developed by Facebook, React Native is a mobile application framework that operates on an open-source model. At present, React Native exclusively caters to the iOS and Android platforms.

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